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What Existing Customers Say About Klein and Why They Love it

Excellent customer support to go with the excellent theme. Extremely happy with the product!

Fotolia_58389435_Subscription_Monthly_M_04   Happy Customer /

Excellent theme. I purchased it on Feb 21st — and have been very busy (in my spare time), modifying it and experimenting with the different features. Thank you!

Fotolia_58389435_Subscription_Monthly_M_04   Happy Customer /

So far so good when it comes to design, features, and customization. There is a child theme that comes with the Klein theme. That’s what I’m using so I can customize i

Fotolia_58389435_Subscription_Monthly_M_04   Happy Customer /

Very few themes are created bug-free. It’s always good to have a strong support team to be there for the customers when issues arise. I think your customers will be happy to know you have their best interest. Thanks for working to resolve my issues.

Fotolia_58389435_Subscription_Monthly_M_04   Happy Customer /

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Get Klein and Save Tons of Your Time!

Klein is an innovative WordPress theme built to support BuddyPress, bbPress, and WooCommerce out of the box. Perfect for a website that interacts with a lot of users. Now your members can create profiles, send messages, add connections, or share what’s happening in their life. Collaborate through forums or sell any products you have.

Small Improvements that Matter!

This is just the beginning. Discover Klein by playing with this demo website. If you have any suggestions, kindly e-mail me via TF profile. You can also sell any items through WooCommerce.